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same-day maid servicesWhen hiring same-day maid services, you may think that once the maid does the job and leaves your home you have nothing else to worry about. However, did you know that there is actually etiquette required when hiring same-day maid services?

While same-day maid services have things they need to do to make you happy as a customer, there are things you should do to make their job a little easier and to ensure they’ll continue doing a good job. Here are three etiquette-related rules you should follow as a homeowner.

Clean Up a Little Bit
While the main purpose of these cleaning services is to clean your home, you should always do what you can to make sure the home isn’t a disaster when they arrive for their appointment. Picking up your child’s toys or putting away your clothes gives the house cleaning services the chance to focus on things that are really dirty. They can focus on taking a deeper look at your carpet instead of just giving it a quick vacuum. In fact, 22% of Americans think their carpets are even dirtier than their toilet seat. Also, take the time to remove any valuables like jewelry or money. The cleaning service will not be offended by this but will likely appreciate the gesture as a form of risk reduction.

Create a Good Line of Communication
Thoroughly communicating with your dependable house cleaning service is a good habit to get into. You’ll be able to tell them exactly what you want and what you don’t want. This will help to avoid anything being done that you absolutely hate. They can tell you which services are included under which price tiers so you aren’t surprised when the bill comes. As hard and as embarrassing as it may be, be honest about the condition of your house. If your bathroom truly needs some elbow grease, be sure to let them know so they can come prepared with the appropriate tools.

Give Them a Tip
Even though you’re already paying for their services, it’s always a good idea to tip. While it isn’t required, it will show them that you’re pleased with the work they’ve done and hope they continue to do that well or better in the future. Between 10% and 20% is typically what homeowners will give on top of the already-existing service price.

Hiring a same-day maid service can be a big help especially if your life is extremely hectic. However, be sure to follow the three etiquette tips listed above for a great maid experience.

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