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Most people absolutely hate cleaning for some reason or another. It takes up their valuable time, they don’t like dealing with harsh chemicals — there are lists upon lists on why people hate cleaning. So why do it all yourself? Maid services can help at least with deep cleaning, if not with your every day cleaning. Read on for a few types of services you can consider for yourself!

Move In/Out Cleaning Services
When a property changes tenants, there are usually a ton of things that need to be done in terms of cleaning. A deep clean of the entire place is generally needed first, in addition to little things that need to be checked. In fact, there’s usually an entire checklist of things that need to be done as the tenants are moving out or into a space. Maid services take that worry off of your hands and allow you to focus on actually moving.

House Cleaning Services
House cleaning is one of the most common maid services out there, and for good reason! A family that usually cleans daily can gain 730 hours (30 days) per year back by hiring a maid service. In addition, while the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) recommends deep cleaning carpets every six months, only 55% of homeowners actually do. By hiring a maid, you ensure that both the little things are taken care of monthly and the big things are taken care of as needed.

Office Cleaning Services
Did you know that those working in a clean office have 80% less of a chance of catching a cold or influenza? In addition to keeping your employees from getting sick, it can also help their concentration, thus helping your company further. Plus, a clean office simply promotes the professionalism of your workplace. You wouldn’t want investors, for example, walking through a dirty office space, would you?

Are you in need of any cleaning services? What would be the biggest qualities you would look for in maid services?

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