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same day maid services

As a small business owner, you’re probably acutely aware of just how important appearances can be in a client-facing industry, but keeping a clean office is about more than just looks. In fact, floating dust particulates can account for a 2-6% dip in worker’s cognitive function, which can lead to lost time, power productivity, and mistakes that could cost you client relationships or costly financial mistakes. However, if you’re floating in the middle ground between casual homeowner and large corporation that requires full-time janitorial staff, it can be difficult to know what your cleaning needs are. Today, we’ll be talking about a few of the benefits of hiring a dependable maid service in order to help you your business in top shape, all while taking the stress of janitorial work off of you and your staff.

Hiring Professionals Can Get You Back to Square One

If your small business has been running for some time without a dedicated cleaning professional assigned to keep things in top shape, chances are you’ve had a significant amount of buildup of dust and other grime that’s best left to be taken care of by a professional. Think of this first visit like a spring cleaning service: allowing trained professionals to come in and take care of neglected carpets, window blinds, bathrooms, and other surfaces will allow you to get to a place where you can decide on a more appropriate cleaning schedule from there. You’d be surprised what a difference a good vacuuming and dusting can do.

Same-Day Maid Services for Special Events

In any front-facing business, sometimes unexpected meetings come up that require offices to be in pristine condition without a lot of turnaround. This may include last-minute visits from major clients, birthday events for guests or clients, or hosting meetings or gatherings where you want your space to be in tip-top shape. Having professionals available for same-day maid services is a crucial tool in your back pocket when it comes to expecting the unexpected, even if the unexpected is someone accidentally spilling an entire carafe of coffee on the conference room floor. Even if you never wind up utilizing same-day maid services, making sure that you hire a company that offers them is crucial. Just remember though, these same-day maid services do come at a higher cost, so it’s important to make sure that anytime you’re able to schedule things in advance, you do so to save yourself stress and money.

Freedom to Worry About Other Things

As a small business owner, your attention is pulled in a dozen different directions at any given time of day. Making sure that you’re able to depend on a reliable, experienced maid service means that there will be at least one area of life you’ll know is always covered. You won’t have to worry about your employees juggling rotating cleaning services at closing time, or anyone “conveniently” forgetting to wipe down surfaces at the end of a long day. Both you and your employees will have the freedom to focus on making your business run efficiently, rather than getting bogged down by superfluous extra duties.

Striving Toward a More Equitable Workplace

One unexpected benefit of hiring a maid service is that you can neutralize potentially sticky office politics before they get started. Studies show that, in the absence of clearly-defined roles, female staff members are more likely to be asked to do custodial and clerical tasks around the office, such as light cleaning, dishes, and taking notes at meetings. Knowing that there’s a cleaning service in place with a clearly defined role in cleaning the office will help offset potential imbalances in duties that can lead to tensions in the office that are easily avoided.

Whether you’re looking to hire a dependable cleaning service just to help you with a major cleaning project or to become a contracted part of your business, there are many benefits to hiring professionals to get the job done for you. If you have questions about how a dependable maid service can make a difference in your small business, contact us today. We’ll be happy to help match you with the cleaning service that’s right for your space and your budget.

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