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Most of us will vacuum our home carpets regularly. Sometimes we may even use store-bought cleaners to freshen them up even more. And yet 22% of Americans still believe that their carpet is dirtier than their toilet seat!

The unfortunate truth is that they might not be wrong. A professional carpet cleaning from an experienced maid service can help deep-clean your carpets in ways that traditional vacuuming and products might miss. Here are five reasons why you should call the best house cleaning Clearwater has to offer for a deep clean today.

  1. You Have Kids
    Every parent knows that it’s impossible to keep any area clean for long, especially floors. Not only will your kids track dirt and mud into the house, but then you’ll probably find them playing on that same surface hours later. One of the benefits of hiring a maid service is knowing that germs in the carpet won’t make your kids sick.
  2. You Have Pets
    Cats and dogs that run indoors and out can also bring in unwanted guests. But all furry pets will leave behind dander and fur that will bury deep into your carpets if you don’t get them cleaned regularly.
  3. You Have Allergies
    If you’re prone to seasonal allergies, you probably find yourself avoiding the outdoors when spring rolls around. Make sure that those allergens aren’t infiltrating the inside of your home, too, by opting for a spring cleaning service to keep dust and pollen at bay.
  4. You Can’t Get Rid of That Smell
    Is there a persistent odor lurking around your living room that you just can’t seem to identify? Chances are it’s in your carpets. A soaked-in spill can harbor bacteria and lead to mold growth if you don’t get it treated right away.
  5. Your Carpets Look Dull
    Many of our customers are amazed at the difference that a single carpet cleaning can make. Before you decide to pull up the entire floor and install a new carpet, try giving it a professional treatment to restore its healthy luster.

Don’t wait for your carpets to reach disaster levels before you call in the professionals from our house cleaning Clearwater office. Aim for a deep carpet clean once or twice a year for a healthy and happy home that looks as good as it feels!

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