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Having pets in your home can be so rewarding — but it’s a lot of extra work. Add in working and possibly taking care of kids, and you have a lot of precious free hours spent cleaning. Maid service would be a huge help, (it is estimated that a family that cleans regularly would recover 30 whole days every year by hiring a maid service) but it can be out of price range for many families.

In a recent poll, 87% of women surveyed said that the cleanliness of their home was a reflection of themselves. Not only that, but there are many special challenges in keeping up with cleaning after pets, and in the case of apartment cleaning, not doing so could cost you money in the form of your security deposit. Read on for some tips from an experienced maid service on cleaning up after your furry friends.

    • More than 80% of Americans believe that a clean carpet means a clean home. Prevent soiled carpets by applying a soil retardant before any accidents happen.
    • Soda water will help with a tough stain — pour it on, blot it, and then place a towel with a weight over it to absorb any excess moisture.
    • Air fresheners do not remove odors, they mask them. Find and eliminate the odor source to be truly rid of it.
    • Remember these steps: wash, disinfect, rinse, dry. This applies to any pet mess, not only carpet stains.
    • Use your vacuum. Invest in a good one, especially if your pet sheds a lot. If you vacuum every day the hair will not build up and become overwhelming.
    • Rubber gloves or dampened cloths grab pet hair from clothes and furniture. In a real pinch, wetting your hand before you wipe hair off your clothes will work much better than a dry hand.

Of course, hiring a dependable maid service can clear worries like this off your mind completely, freeing up your time for leisure activities with your beloved pet instead. What do you think? Leave us a note in the comments!

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