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More businesses, homeowners, and cleaning services are opting to “go green” — and it’s not hard to see why. Environmentally friendly solutions are a boon to personal health and wellbeing, as well as to the entire planet.

Green cleaning solutions are the wave of the future, though not everyone is fully on board quite yet. Consumers and cleaning services alike can benefit from getting a little more green. Here are our top reasons why it’s the best trend to ever hit spring cleaning services.

  • Personal Health
    A study conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency found that household cleaners that contain toxic chemicals are three times more likely to cause cancer compared to outdoor air. Those harsh products could be damaging your health, along with the health of your family, pets, or employees. Green products contain fewer chemicals, meaning everyone gets to breathe a little bit easier after a dependable house cleaning job.
  • Environmental Protection
    Perhaps one of the biggest incentives to go green is to help save the planet. One-third of all chemical cleaning products are known to contain ingredients that could cause environmental problems, such as damage to the ozone layer or pollution to water supplies. Protect your future — and your children’s children’s future — by opting for eco-friendly cleaning services.
  • Better Business
    When you’re hiring a maid service that offers green cleaning solutions, you know that their employees are well cared for. Few of us want to expose our employees or families to toxic substances after a thorough office or apartment cleaning. Imagine having to work with those products every day. Make the responsible choice: a cleaning service that utilizes eco- and health-friendly solutions.
  • Economic Savings
    Amazingly, green products that use all-natural sources can often be more affordable than conventional chemical products. Not only are you saving the health of those around you and of the environment, you’re also saving some dough by opting for green solutions.

The good news is that green cleaning may soon take the place of conventional cleaning. Sales of eco-friendly cleaning products have increased by 35% in recent years, and they show no signs of slowing down. Make the change to green cleaning today to ensure a better and brighter (and cleaner!) tomorrow.

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