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Cold and flu season is here, which means it’s time to keep an eye out for germs and bacteria that may be lurking in your home, your office, and pretty much anywhere else you go. While custom cleaning services can help you out with office or apartment cleanings, your sickness prevention plan is only as good as your knowledge of how germs spread.

How much do you really know about germs? Take a look at some of these common myths to find out the real truth.

#1: The bathroom door handle is dirtier than the toilet seat.
TRUE. Everyone who goes in or out of that public bathroom touches that door handle (whether they’ve washed their hands or not!). Germs can accumulate on that small surface space in much greater numbers simply because of how much use it gets every day, and how infrequently it gets cleaned. When you walk out of the bathroom, cover your hand with a paper towel or use your elbow to maneuver the handle in order to avoid bacteria.

#2: A cold laundry wash is just as effective as hot water.
FALSE. While cold may preserve colors, it’s best to wash undergarments and towels — things that tend to accumulate more bacteria — in hot water to kill off any lingering germs.

#3: You can never catch the same cold twice.
TRUE. Remember that bacteria and viruses are living creatures. Just like humans, they will adapt to their surroundings. If you catch a cold from a coworker, it may morph into an entirely different strain by the time it makes it all the way around the office and back to you. Simply keeping a clean office space can reduce the risk of catching a cold or flu by 80%.

#4: Bathroom hand dryers spread more germs than towels.
MAYBE. The issue here isn’t so much air versus paper as it is how many things you have to touch in order to dry your hands. A no-touch dryer will be more sanitary than a pump towel dispenser, while an automatic towel machine will be cleaner than a dryer button.

The benefits of hiring a maid service aren’t limited to the aesthetic appeal of your home or office space. With a custom cleaning service for your office area, home, or apartment, you can rest assured that pesky germs will be kept to a minimum.

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