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When life gets busy, it can be hard to make house cleaning a priority. Hiring a cleaning service is a great way to make sure your home stays in top shape even during the most crazy times of the year. If you decide to make this investment, it is important to hire the most experienced maid service. When you are considering your options, be sure to ask these essential questions.

  1. What services do you offer? When hiring a maid service, decide whether you are interested in a complete house clean or one specific service. This will determine the type of company you hire. Determine your priorities before you ask this question, ensuring that they match up.
  2. Will you bring your own equipment?: Some cleaning companies will bring all of their own equipment and others will use yours. Whether you have a preference, be sure to ask what they are able to provide. By asking, you will know what you will need to have on hand.
  3. Is it okay if my pet is in the house?: If you have a pet, be sure to check whether the cleaning company has a policy about animals. Your pet might be able to run free, or you may need to take it away from the house. Make sure you are clear on the cleaning service’s expectations before they arrive.
  4. Do you have insurance?: Most cleaning services will be insured to cover any broken items or accidents. Be sure to ask up front and make sure to get any information in writing. This will cover you for any potential damage or losses.
  5. What is your price breakdown?: While the company might present you with an general price, be sure to ask what parts of the lump sum cover what services. The price might be hourly, per service, or per employee, for example. Make sure that you are not receiving any hidden costs by understanding the complete price breakdown.

The benefits of hiring a maid are significant, especially for busy families. On average, a family that cleans every day gets 730 hours, or 30 days, back by hiring house cleaning services. By choosing an experienced maid service to maintain your home, you can continue your full schedule while enjoying a clean and healthy home.

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