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You probably think you keep a pretty clean home. You vacuum, dust, sanitize the sinks, toilets, and countertops. You wouldn’t call yourself a “neat freak,” and maybe you get a little lazy from time to time, but your house is no Grey Gardens, and you’ll never be caught on a reality show about hoarders.

You think your home is clean, but if you choose to read on, you will be faced with a harsh and somewhat disturbing reality. If you want to get a good night’s sleep tonight, you will definitely want to call a same-day maid service today.

Your home is a breeding ground for bacteria, allergens, and nasty little creatures. Mostly invisible to the naked eye, these things are not easy to spot. But they are there, and they are in your carpet.

Like 84% of Americans, you believe that having a clean carpet is essential to having a clean home. Yet, only 55% of homeowners actually deep clean their carpet as often as the EPA recommends (every six months). When was the last time you had your carpet cleaned? As many as 22% of Americans consider their carpet to be dirtier than any toilet seat in their home. With that in mind, do you feel comfortable walking around your home in bare feet?

Your carpet is littered with human skin. We shed 1.5 million skin flakes every hour, and most of them get buried in the carpet fibers. Feeding on those skin flakes are dust mites who live in the warm environment provided by your soft carpet. Living alongside the dust mites are countless mature fleas.

Another strange creature called the “firebrat” will make a comfy home beneath the surface of your carpet. If you have a fireplace, the firebrat will be attracted to the warmth. Between three and five years, one female firebrat will lay 6,000 eggs. The firebrat feeds on carbohydrates and starches including dog food, flour, and bookbinding. Have you ever opened an old book to find not a bookmark, but a flattened insect that looks a lot like a silverfish? That is a firebrat and it was eating your book.

It’s pretty gross, right? Don’t go another day smooshing carpet bugs under your bare feet. You can call a same-day maid service and have it taken care of within a matter of hours. For the cleanest carpet and most dependable house cleaning services only an experienced maid service will do.

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