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You know that first warm day in spring when you can open the windows and finally let fresh air into your home? Winter has a tendency to give us a strong case of cabin fever. When everyone is stuck inside, things get stuffy, germ-laden, and smelly pretty easily. How do you make your home feel fresh even in the dark cold days of winter this year? Here are a few tips.

Wipe Down Surfaces Frequently with Antibacterial Wipes

Grab a package of bleach-based or other anti-bacterial wipes and get wipin’. Kitchen, bathroom, hard furniture… It’s easy, with no tools needed but wipes and a pair of gloves to protect your skin. It leaves a fresh smell. On top of it, this can help reduce the dreaded winter illnesses. Studies have shown that employees working in clean offices have reduced their chances of catching colds and flu by about 80%. If you’re bringing illnesses into your house from work or school (and you most likely are), then knocking them out with diluted bleach wipes and similar products can help stop illness before it strikes.

Hire Dependable House Cleaning Services to Pop in While You’re At Work

Part of the reason houses feel stuffier is people have less energy and motivation to clean in winter. It’s already dark outside by the time you get out of work, and you’d rather curl up on the couch with dinner. One solution is to hire dependable house cleaning professionals to come by while you’re out at work during the day. Coming home to a fresh clean home once every week or two? Very, very relaxing. Another perk? If you end up finding a maid service you really like, you can hire them for spring cleaning services later.

Use Home-Wide Aromatherapy

It’s simple: if your home smells good, it feels good to be in. Burning candles or using wax melters or scent diffusers are a surefire way to lift the mood in your home and make it feel less musty. Wall plug-ins are a good idea for those who want to walk into a fresh-smelling house without waiting for a candle or wax to warm up.

Cabin fever is a tough reality of snowy winter weather, but rest assured that a clean, fresh-smelling home will lead you happily into spring!

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