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how to get urine smell out of carpet

Many pet owners wonder how to get urine smell out of carpet. The cleaning professionals at Custom Maids Inc., a Clearwater maid service, put together this guide full of tips to restore fresh-smelling carpet. Here’s how to get that pesky smell out of your home!

Time Is of the Essence

When a dog pees on the carpet, it’s essential to get to it as quickly as possible to prevent stains and smells from setting in. Soak up as much of the urine as possible with paper towels and lay down some newspaper as well. The more urine you can get rid of immediately, the easier the cleanup will be.

Use a Little Chemistry

Next, clean the spot with white vinegar. A vinegar solution of one cup vinegar, one cup water, and two teaspoons of baking soda should do the trick. Let this sit for about five minutes on the stain to neutralize the smell.

After that, cover the spot with a damp towel and let it sit for 24 hours. Then, you can rinse with cold water and vacuum up any remaining residue. For an extra touch of freshness, use your favorite odor eliminator.

Tackling Older Stains

It’s not always possible to clean a urine stain right after the accident happens, especially for those who are out much of the day.  Pinellas County homeowners can schedule house cleaning in St. Petersburg by Custom Maids for help with older, set-in stains and expert advice on how to get urine smell out of carpet after it’s dried.

Older stains are more resilient. After locating the stain with a blacklight or just with your nose, you’ll need to scrub it with a vinegar solution or a mixture of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide. If that doesn’t do the trick, or you want some help, a maid service like Custom Maids Inc. can take care of this for you!

Cleaning as Nature Intended

You may notice that these tips didn’t mention the use of any complicated chemicals. This is to ensure your family and your pet’s safety and make sure the stains are fully eliminated.  When figuring out how to get urine smell out of carpet, it’s best to use only natural cleaning products.

While natural cleaning products might require just a bit more elbow grease to work as well as their chemical counterparts, you can rest easy knowing that you’re protecting the Earth and your home’s two-legged and four-legged inhabitants by using them!

Call in the Professionals

Looking for cleaning help or more tips on how to get urine smell out of carpet? Call Custom Maids Inc. at (727) 565-4315 to set up a house cleaning service to save you time and put your mind at ease!

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