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Keeping your home clean is not an easy task, and having pets makes it even harder to keep up. Between the fur and paws tracking in dirt, cats and dogs can do a number on even the cleanest of houses. It’s important to stay on top of cleaning up after them, whether you do it on your own or by hiring a maid service. Read on for the best ways to keep a pet-friendly home clean.

Schedule Regular Grooming

The reason pets make homes dirty is because they’re dirty! If you don’t have your dog’s hair trimmed or brushed out regularly, it will end up all over the couches. If they don’t get a shampoo, the dander and dirt in their fur will spread through the house. Even trimming their nails protects your floors and furniture from getting scratched up. A groomer can be one of your best friends when it comes to keeping a clean house.

Use Natural Cleaning Products to Protect Pets From Chemicals

Chemical cleaning products are harsh for humans, but for pets, they can be deadly. They are subjected to fumes for longer periods of time and are more likely to eat off of surfaces that have been cleaned with chemicals. When possible, buy all natural, vegan cleaning supplies; these have no animal testing or by-products so they are healthier for you and your pets.

Consider Their Usual Spots

Most pets tend to frequent the same few areas in their home, so it’s smart to protect those spots. Keep a rubber mat under the water dish they splash around in every day to protect hardwoods or prevent moldy carpeting. Put a sheet or towel over their favorite spot on the couch to keep it looking and smelling fresh. Make sure there’s a doormat in front of the doors they come in most to remove some of the mud on their paws. Little preventative measures can save you hours of cleaning each week!

Remember the Carpets

Does your house smell like a wet dog no matter how much you clean? It is likely the carpet. Dust, dander, oils, and dirt build up over time even if you are vacuuming. Try sprinkling baking soda over the area before running the vacuum, or consider looking into carpet cleaning services. It is recommended to deep clean carpets at least twice a year, but only half of homeowners do it! Carpets get the most traffic in a home so it is important to keep up.

Consider a Custom Cleaning Service

If all of this sounds overwhelming with your busy schedule, it may be time to consider finding a maid service. Many companies can offer custom cleaning services, so you can make cleaning up after your pets the priority. This way, there’s no excuse for having a messy home or one that smells like pet hair.

If you have a furry pet, or are considering adopting one, keep these cleaning tips in mind. Preventative measures like couch covers and mats are a lifesaver! And remember, a custom cleaning service for your house keeps all of the pressure off of you, and you can love your pets again instead of resenting their muddy paws.

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