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dependable house cleaningThe benefits of hiring a maid affect you in nearly all areas of your life. Your finances, your physical health, even your day-to-day mood.

This is far from a new secret. Cleanliness is a life skill we all cultivate at one point or another, though a more deep cleaning could be all that stands between you and a better life. Dependable house cleaning is a fantastic resource that can ease some stress off your shoulders and help you live better. It involves using green cleaning chemicals, deep carpet cleaning, dusting, sweeping and disinfecting to eliminate bacteria and improve your indoor air quality. If you haven’t hired a custom cleaning service before, take a look below.

Being more healthy and more comfortable is more than achievable with a dependable house cleaning service.

Today’s Current Cleaning Industry

You have a vast industry to choose from once you decide to give your surroundings a touch-up. There are over 895,000 maids working in the United States today, with some part-time office cleaning workers and others working as full-time residential cleaning services. Many Americans today are starting to feel the impact of a dirty and disorganized environment when it comes to both their physical and mental health. A recent study saw 85% of respondents stating a clean carpet is absolutely necessary to have a clean home. Only 55% of homeowners, according to the EPA, actually deep clean their carpets regularly.

The State Of Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution is at an all-time high. In fact, some estimates have gone at length to stress it’s three times worse than outdoor air pollution. When your home is constantly accumulating harmful chemicals, dust and dirt, it stands to reason that it’ll eventually leave an impact on your health. An EPA study found toxic chemicals in household cleaners are three times as likely to cause cancer than many of the pollutants encountered in outdoor air. Add mold and pet dander on top of that and your home is a veritable breeding ground for negative elements.

Common Household Contaminants

A dependable house cleaning service should emphasize using green cleaning methods so they’re not simply replacing old contaminants with new ones. Sales of green cleaning products, from sprays to wipes, have skyrocketed by 35% over the past few years. Even still, one out of every three chemical cleaning products contains ingredients known to cause human health hazards. You can even detect some of these yourself. If you feel light-headed or nauseous upon coming home it’s more than possible you have an air problem. Breathing difficulties and headaches are also to be taken seriously.

Simple Daily Tips You Can Use

Even before you hire a dependable house cleaning service once a week or once a month, there are a few simple things you can do to improve the quality of your home. Make sure to crack open a window or turn on your ceiling fan after taking a shower to reduce the possibility of mold. Your bedsheets should be cleaned every two to three weeks, both to help you sleep better and to ward off the development of bed bugs. Your fridge should also be scrubbed down every few weeks, though your counters and floors will need much more regular cleaning to keep bacteria (and pests) firmly at bay.

Why An Experienced Maid Service Makes A Difference

Your health is important. Sadly, there are a lot of factors out there determined to bring it down and leave you struggling. An apartment cleaning service or office cleaning service will go a long way in reducing the harmful impact of indoor air pollution and bringing out your best. Cleaner environments have been closely linked to better moods, reduced rates of cancer and even bolstered productivity. Employees that regularly work in a clean office have an over 80% reduced probability of catching the common cold as well as fewer incidents of headaches and lethargy.

It’s time to clean up your home’s act. Look into a spring cleaning service this month to get a taste of better living.

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