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maid service st. petersburg

maid service st. petersburgThe start of a new calendar year is the perfect time for a fresh take on household care. If maintaining a cleaner, tidier home is one of your New Year’s resolutions, you can start the year off right by hiring the best maid service St. Petersburg has to offer. A thorough, deep clean in every room of your house will give you the jumpstart you need to keep your home in better condition the whole year through. Here are a few of the most important areas to tackle with the help of experienced maid cleaning services once all of the holiday celebrations are over:

  • Carpets: When was the last time (if ever) you had your carpets deep cleaned? The Environmental Protection Agency recommends a deep clean once every six months or more, but only 55% of homeowners manage to keep up with this schedule. The dirt and debris lurking under your feet can quickly accumulate as you go in and out of your house.\
  • Cabinets: Whether for storing pantry items or tableware, we hardly ever take the time to haul everything out of our kitchen cabinets and give those inside surfaces a thorough cleaning. Disinfecting these surfaces will keep your food fresher and your plates and silverware cleaner.
  • Bathtub: A quick wipe of the tub or shower is usually enough to keep your bathing area looking clean, but you might be surprised at the thick layers of grime that can accumulate over time. Hiring a maid service to really get the bathroom cleaned out will give you time to enjoy a well-deserved soak after the hectic holiday season.
  • Closets: The wet winter season often leaves its mark in mudrooms and storage closets where we keep our shoes, coats, and winter accessories. Don’t wait for a spring cleaning service to deal with these areas when you can keep them looking neat and tidy all year round.

There’s a reason why My Custom Maids is the maid service St. Petersburg residents know and trust. To start your year off on the right foot, call us for a professional deep clean in all of the nooks and crannies of your house and get a fresh start on the new year.

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