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hiring a maid service

One of the most common questions people have about professional and custom cleaning services is how often they should be hiring a maid service. Every week? Once a month? Or only when things get really out of hand?

The answer largely depends on your own lifestyle and needs. Busy working parents with kids and pets may be more likely to need frequent, dependable house cleaning than college students, for example — but the latter may still find use for same-day maid services when it comes to moving day!

Luckily, finding a maid service to suit your schedule and home life is simple. Use this guide to consider how often you should be hiring a maid service to help out with your home maintenance.

Once a Week
The busy family that’s always out on the go inevitably tracks some of that hustle and bustle indoors. Between all the other responsibilities that come with a house full of people, it may be hard to get enough cleaning done to meet your standards. That’s exactly where a weekly maid service can come in: a family that would otherwise have to clean every day could regain some 730 hours — 30 full days — per year by hiring a maid service instead!

Once a Month
Some people don’t need the constant upkeep and attention of a weekly cleaning service, but could still benefit from an in-depth cleaning every month or so. This especially applies to people who are tidy surface cleaners but don’t like to get their hands dirty with the tougher jobs. For example, a refrigerator can go two to three weeks between scrubs, while a counter needs more frequent washing with a fresh sponge. A maid service can help you clean in between the cracks before they become too neglected.

Once in a Blue Moon
Whether you’re the type that likes to be in charge of your own cleaning or you’re the type who just doesn’t see home cleanliness as a top priority, hiring a one-time professional cleaning service every now and then will do you a world of good. They can handle the pesky tasks like deep carpet cleaning, which the Environmental Protection Agency suggests doing once every six months or more (and only 55% of homeowners follow through on their own!).

No matter your needs or your standards, let a cleaning service help out with your upkeep. The less time you have to spend worrying about cleaning, the more time you can spend doing the things you really enjoy in life.

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