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Take 10 Minutes a Day. No Excuses!
For apartment and house cleaning alike, you’d be surprised how a series of small actions can accumulate in a big day. As a busy individual, taking 10 minutes a day is a feasible and manageable way to keep your home clean in-between cleaning services. For some, it helps by allocating a specific room for each day of the week. Then, get your supplies out and set your timer. Once 10 minutes is up, you have every right to throw your mop to the floor and kick back and relax, because hey, you did it! By the end of the month, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how 10 minutes each day will make a difference.

Put it Away, Right Away
Ever notice how clean people never have banana peels on the counter or dirty underwear on the floor? That’s because they have developed the habit of putting things in their proper place, immediately after use. For a cleaner home, develop cleaner habits. Put things away immediately after using them. For small kitchen endeavors, always put your dishes away immediately. But if you’ve cooked an extravagant dinner, for example, be sure to at least put the food away, put the dishes in the sink and make sure you have counter space. That way, you’ll wake up with half the work complete and a less overwhelming task at hand.

Hire Trusted House Cleaning Services
We get it: working hard to build the career you’ve always dreamed about doesn’t leave much time or room for tidiness. But having a clean home isn’t just about appearances — it’s also about having a sound and balanced state of mind. According to research, approximately 87% of women feel that a clean home reflects an aspect of their personality. But gender aside, finding a maid service will allow you to achieve the cleanliness your home needs while saving the 730 hours per year the average family spends on cleaning. With over 850,000 working maids within the United States, finding a maid service that suits your needs should be an easy and convenient process.

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