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tips to keep house clean

A cleaning service can leave your home clean and tidy. Many homeowners want to maintain that sense of order between cleanings. You can review tips to keep your house clean after a visit from a professional cleaning service right here.

Learn about what cleaning services do and get answers to all your questions by contacting Custom Maids at (727) 565-4315.

#1: Check Your Rooms Daily

Many tips to keep your house clean between professional visits involve picking things up if you find them out of order. Each time you leave a room, give it a look over. Put away any objects that you notice out of place to keep the room looking tidy.

You may even purchase boxes to tidy away messes. You can leave a box (or basket) in each room and put out-of-place objects into the box when you find them.

#2: Focus on the Bathrooms

Bathrooms get used a lot every day. You can focus on cleaning tips for your toilet, sink, and shower. Consider keeping antibacterial wipes in the bathroom, so you can easily wipe down the toilet seat and sink at the end of the day.

Keeping cleaning products close by makes it easier to focus on fast clean-up between visits by professional cleaners.

#3: Keep Up with Weekly Laundry

Dirty clothes can gather quickly, especially if you have several people living in your house. You can keep your house cleaner by washing a load of laundry every day. Staying on top of the laundry can prevent it from piling up and clogging hallways.

Keeping control of the laundry can also reduce unwanted odors in your home. Dirt and sweat on clothes can generate a smell that may move through your house.

#4: Check on Your Kitchen Between Appointments

Regardless of whether you do a lot of cooking or not, kitchens can quickly get messy. You can focus on house cleaning preparation by taking a few steps to keep your kitchen in order every day. Spruce up your kitchen by:

  • Wiping down the dining table
  • Rinsing out dishes and loading the dishwasher
  • Sweeping the floor

You may also keep your mail organized if you leave it in the kitchen after checking the mailbox. Focus on emptying the trash and recycling if they get filled up to reduce odors and keep the kitchen looking great.

Set Up a House Cleaning Appointment

Interested in more tips to keep your house clean? You can get additional information about setting up house cleaning by Custom Maids by calling (727) 565-4315. Professional cleaning can save you time and help you feel more comfortable in your home. Schedule an appointment today.

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