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House cleaning is a task that never ends. The endless cycle of sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, washing, spraying, and a whole bunch of other tasks are daunting for even the most seasoned house cleaner. These are tasks that generally no homeowner wants to do. As a result, house cleaning services are very popular. House cleaning services are quick, convenient, professional, and, most importantly, effective in making your house squeaky clean.

Local house cleaners, both independent contractors and maids part of a larger company, number roughly 900,000 in the United States. Maid services are perfect for people who don’t have the time to clean their houses. Sometimes, the professional way is the only way. That is easy to say, of course, but consider that professional maid services do more than just make the house clean. They make the house safer.

For example, several studies have shown in any given house, there are approximately 150 carcinogens floating around in the air, on the furniture, on the walls, and on the floors that come from household cleaning products. Having professional cleaning services ensures that the chemicals used for cleaning are safe in terms of health.

And in terms of office cleaning, consider these facts:

    • Employees that work in a clean office are 80% less likely to catch a sickness such as the common cold or influenza than employees in dirty office spaces.
    • Clean office spaces can reduce absenteeism by 46%.
    • Particles such as dust and allergens can impair workers’ cognitive skills by up to 6%.

Having professional cleaning services for the office is just as advantageous as having them for a household.

No matter what the structure is, however, you can rest assured that cleaning services will get the job done in a time frame you can work around and with a price you can certainly afford. If anything else, you can’t put a price on a clean bill of health!

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